Npower News: Prepare For November Payment

Npower News

Npower News For November Payment

All Npower Batch C volunteers should start receiving their November stipends soon. If you have not received your payment for October, but your payment status displays processing, rest assured that you will be paid soon.

Payments for November and December have been approved and will begin as soon as possible. Npower NASIMS is adopting a sequential payment system in order to avoid bottlenecks and congestion in the Npower NASIMS payment system.

All Npower Batch C Volunteers will be paid just to exercise patience, as long as all your names profile matches with your bank names especially your bank middle name you will be paid. Any complaint made to Npower should be made only once, please avoid repetition as this might delay your issue number and might place you on queue after queue, and your issues might end up not getting treated.

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