N-power News Today: October payment begins in full

N-power News Today: October payment begins in full

NASIMS management promised to pay both the October and September stipends a few days back through their Npower news outlet. Now, that statement has become a reality as the October payment has begun fully.

You have not yet received your Npower Batch C Volunteer stipend. Please exercise patience and keep checking your Npower NASIMS payroll tab. However, if your Npower NASIMS payroll tab is displaying “processing” you will definitely be paid, those Npower volunteers still having payment issues should please continue to contact Npower NASIMS management sending in their Npower ID and correct account number, correct account names, and correct Npower NASIMS profile names to [email protected]. This should be done in order for the changes to be effected so that the affected Npower Batch C Volunteer can be placed on the next payment when it commences.

Since November and December stipends have been approved by the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, all Npower Batch C Volunteers have been notified that they will also be paid.

If you are under the Npower non-graduate category and you have not yet been posted, you may not be eligible to receive payment until you have been posted. Always check your Npower NASIMS profile for news and updates on your deployment tab.

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