Abuja Okada riders set properties on fire over colleagues’ death

Abuja Okada riders

Abuja Okada riders were on show again Sunday afternoon in Abuja, attacking a housing development in the city’s Lokogoma district to avenge the supposed murder of two of their kin.

Over Abuja Okada riders 100 invaded the Same Global Estate in Lokogoma after a driver allegedly hit the riders and fled to the estate for safety.

The incident occurred on Sunday after a vehicle allegedly hit two Okada riders and fled into the estate for protection.

According to Newsonline Nigeria, the Okada riders set fire to two buildings on the estate.

According to residents of the estate, the Abuja Okada riders attacked the estate in an attempt to catch an unknown motorist.

They noted that the motorist was chased by a mammoth crowd of motorcyclists after he overran two motorcyclists.

Newsonline Nigeria gathered that security operatives had arrived at the estate to prevent further damage to properties.

The Estate Manager, Mr. Adebisi Adelowo, who spoke to The PUNCH, said, “Over 100 Hausa bike riders attacked our estate some hours ago. They tried to burn down the estate by putting fire on two buildings.

“They pulled down our gate and started stoning people’s houses. We couldn’t stop them until the police and the army intervened.

“We later learned that they attacked our estate because two of their colleagues were knocked to death by a motorist who ran to our estate for safety as he was been chased with big stones and other dangerous weapons.

“The motorist who is not even a resident of our estate ran into the estate because he noticed a police post in front of the estate.”

The riders had a few days ago set the Dei Dei Building materials market on fire after one of them rammed his motorcycle into an articulated vehicle, killing his female passenger in the process.

Traders had promptly intercepted his motorcycle, a development that made the Abuja Okada riders go on rampage.

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