Why I Separated With My Husband – Actress Nkechi Blessing

Why I Separated With My Husband – Actress Nkechi Blessing

Nollywood actress and social media personality Nkechi Blessing Sunday and her now ex-husband Opeyemi Falega made headlines on Wednesday when they announced the grounds for their split.

According to Nkechi Blessing’s revelations on an Instagram live video, the marriage ended due to infidelity allegations and fake life.

However, the actress’s estranged husband, Falegan, acknowledged the termination of their marriage after going live on Instagram.

In the live broadcast, the politician stated that he has a reputation to uphold and would never align himself with anyone who would tarnish his image.

While Nkechi Blessing later shared a post on her Instagram Stories denying being dumped. According to her, she did the walking away from the marriage.

She said “The one wen I nor like na if you lie say you leave me. Nobody ever does…I simply take a walk and not say my side of the story cus really its not worth it. Say all you want to say but you see lie? We wear same trousers, na there you go vex me,” she wrote.

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