Hushpuppi’s sentencing has been postponed by the US court

Hushpuppi's sentencing has been postponed by the US court

A United States District Court for the Central District of California has postponed the sentencing of Nigerian fraudster, Ramon Abbas, a.k.a. Hushpuppi, until July 11, 2022.

Following a postponement request by Hushpuppi’s attorneys led by Louis Shapiro, Justice Otis D. Wright granted the order. As a result of the delay, he will remain in custody during this time.

According to reports earlier, Hushpuppi was scheduled to be sentenced on February 14 for duping people across continents to the tune of millions of dollars. Last year, he pleaded guilty to the charges and asked for a lighter sentence.

Hushpuppi faces a 20-year jail sentence, a 3-year supervised release period, a fine of $500,000, or twice the gain or loss resulting from the offense.

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