Airtel Recharge Code 2022 & Balance USSD Code

Airtel Recharge Code

Airtel Recharge Code is the *126* number, then # (*126* 16 digit pin #). Recently, however, it seems they’ve been updating or upgrading to other ways to recharge our lines with different codes that give us bonuses.

The Airtel network is one of the first telecommunication companies in Nigeria, and it has many customers. Everywhere you look you will see someone using the Airtel network.

As one of the top leading networks in Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria has a wide community of subscribers who love to make calls and surf the internet, hence the need for the network to fulfill those needs.

Their customers benefit from their special plans because they offer more data, more airtime, and at a cheaper rate.

Nigeria has been served by Airtel for almost two decades now. The company is as old as mobile phones in the country. The method of loading airtime, which can also be called a card or credit, hasn’t changed since then.

How to Recharge Your Airtel Line

You can load Airtel credit by dialing USSD Airtel Recharge Code *126*, entering the card number followed by #, and clicking the call button. For instance, 2222 3333 4444 5555 is coupon number on the recharge card you want to recharge, simply dial *126*2222 3333 4444 5555# then click send.

Simply wait for the credit to be credited after dialing the Airtel recharge code and the recharge card coupon. If you want to check your Airtel balance after recharging, you need an Airtel balance check code.

After recharging, dial *123# to check your Airtel balance. You can use the USSD code to check your Airtel main balance check 2022.

Airtel Recharge Code 2022 & Balance USSD Code

How to Recharge Without Airtel without Airtel Recharge Code

You can recharge Airtel data cards and credit without stress and hassle by using online platforms. Do you know about data SME? Maybe no, well data SME allows you to purchase data at a cheap rate from vendors without requiring a recharge code.

Despite not having the Airtel data recharge code, you can still credit your account balance and subscribe to data without crediting USSD.

With Paytm, Amulyam, and Airtel Mobile Apps, you can credit your balance online without a credit code. It is also possible to load from your bank’s mobile app without an Airtel Recharge Code.

Airtel Recharge Code with 6x Bonus

Spending money on a recharge card without getting anything in return is a waste. Recharge with this Airtel bonus code and you will enjoy 6 times the value of your recharge for data, SMS, and calls to all networks.

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To load your recharge card and receive six times the bonus of recharge value dial *555*Recharge card pin#. For example, if your recharge card pin is 1234 6547 1256 1254. You will dail *555*1234 6547 1256 1254# and send.

Wait for you to receive a message from Airtel. This will show you whether your recharge is successful or not. To check your balance dial *123# or simply dial *222#.

Valid for Airtel prepaid subscribers only!

Recharge Amount (555PIN#)N100N200N300N500N1000
Credit ReceivedN600N1200N1800N3000N6000
Validity14 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Airtel Recharge Code 6x Bonus

Additionally, Airtel Nigeria will give you 1GB of data for free. The offer is valid for 14 days when you recharge using *555*PIN# and you get free 500 MB of data when you recharge with 500 Naira.

Both the call credit bonus and the data bonus will be deleted after the validity period, but the Main Balance never expires.

How to Recharge Credit from Airtel Official Website

To credit your account, you can use the Airtel website online instead of a recharge code. Please follow the steps below to recharge your Airtel card.

  • Go to Airtel official website
  • Login with either your number or your MPIN
  • Click on the Payment and Recharges on the left side navigation bar
  • Click on the Prepaid Recharge option
  • Now enter your mobile number and select your operator
  • Select from the list of plans and presented them to you
  • Enter the recharge amount and click Continue
  • After going through this process, your account will be recharged with the exact amount you requested without the Airtel recharge code.

Airtel Recharge Code Plus

Airtel Recharge Code Plus is a recharge promotion that rewards customers with FREE DATA when they recharge. Airtel customers can enjoy 250MB every week (up to 1GB per month) by recharging their lines consistently.

Here are 3 easy steps to enjoying this:

  1. View your weekly target by dialing *479#
  2. Recharge to hit your target
  3. Get instantly rewarded with 250MB FREE. No deductions, no conditions.

– However, it is important to note the following:

– The bonus is valid until Sunday at 23.59 pm every week.

– You will be notified upon the crediting of the bonus.

– Bonus balance can be viewed on *123# or *140#.

Note: this bonus is open to all postpaid and prepaid airtel customers.

20x Airtel Recharge Code Bonus

Airtel recharge code 2022: Airtel 20X bonus allows you to receive 20 times the amount of your recharge as a bonus. If you want to enjoy the call for a long time without running out of airtime, the 20X bonus is ideal.

Follow the steps below to get 20x bonus with an Airtel recharge code

  1. Open your phones dial pad
  2. Dial *241# been the Airtel credit code for 20X bonus
  3. A pulp up message will come up to select which 20X bonus you want.
  4. Chose from the available option in the pulp.

The Airtel network is one of the largest in Africa. The company is known for its excellent customer service. For your business, it is important to have a network with a stable network that is cheap and affordable.

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